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The YEN Marketplace Presents:
Webinar, Lessons on Implementing Impact Evaluations by MEDA Maroc

Do you know how your supporters are assessing the success of your project?
Why impact evaluations matter.

Conducting an impact evaluation, a method commonly used by policy makers to assess the net impact of a project is essential to securing a project's external support. The simplicity of the "What Works?" question belies the complexity of project measurement. It is necessary to know not only what works, but why it works and by how much.

The webinar will take the participants through the step-by-step process of designing and carrying out an impact evaluation on the ground.  It will focus on the experience of MEDA Maroc with the impact evaluation of its "100 Hours to Success program". The training, composed of modules on life skills, entrepreneurship and financial education, targets Moroccan youth aged between 15 and 25 in hopes of helping them secure a job or start a business. Since 2009, MEDA Maroc has trained 11,000 youth through this program.

About MEDA Maroc
Launched in January 2009 by NGO MEDA, MEDA Maroc's objective is to increase access for Moroccan and Egyptian youths to financial services, vocational training and education to better prepare them for the labour market and business environment.

About YEN Marketplace (

The Marketplace targets practitioners working on youth employment and young entrepreneurs. It will establish an online space where stakeholders can come to share knowledge, form new partnerships, and exchange ideas, resources and advice. Not only does the Marketplace provide a platform for exchange and coordination within the youth employment community, it also provides valuable resources such as funding competitions and an online webinar series. The Marketplace is driven by the needs of its users and will evolve based on their changing demands and priorities

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This is the manual for registered users, those not affiliated with the ILO or the KAB package but are part of our community. It is a resource which describes how to upload items, photos, and overall use the site. Should you have any difficulties commiting any of these actions, please feel free to contact or on the community by writing me, the Community Helper!

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General presentation on KAB made by C Bodwell on May 25, 2010, cobbled together from various other presentations of colleagues.
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The ILO Enterprise Department will be hosting two events at the Global Entrepreneurship Week event at the UN Palais on the 19th of November 2009. The week is devoted to unleashing ideas on issues that matter most to present day society, ranging from poverty reduction to fostering a global culture which recognizes entrepreneurs as drivers of economic and social prosperity.

 A series of workshops, talks and events will be hosted by the ILO, ITC, UNCTAD, UNDP, and UNECE where each will showcase their work in the field of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. The ILO, in particular, will be hosting two events entitled: "Promoting an Enterprise Culture" and "Unleashing Entrepreneurship" with interactive games, and activities to promote its work in entrepreneurship around the globe.

 All staff and interns are invited to join in;while for externals (former staff and former interns) it will be necessary to contact a representative at the ILO office for more information. More information on the event and its activities can be found at, and a search for activities in Switzerland in the "Get Involved" section, will show a list of events to attend throughout the week.


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