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As part of the process to nationalize the ILO’s KAB programme in Palestine under the Ministry of Labour during the academic year 2013/2014, a Training of Facilitators (TOF) workshop was conducted by KAB National Key Facilitators Mr. Nidal Ayeshand Mr. Shaheer Yakob from 27 October until 7 November 2013.

This comes after the successful implementation of a pilot project in Palestine in 2009-2010, the positive results of an impact assessment, and the decision to nationalize the KAB programme under the Ministries of Labor, Education and Higher Education.

The 11-day workshop was held in Ramallah and falls under the ILO/Welfare Association project entitled “Nationalization of the Know About Business Programme in the Occupied Palestine Territory”. Twenty-four teachers (9 women and 15 men) attended the workshop from Ramallah’s vocational training centres (VTCs), the Ministry of Social Affairs, and other non-profit associations like the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) and Lutheran World Federation to be able to deliver KAB in their respective organizations.

The workshop’s closing session was attended by H.E Dr. Ahmad Al Majdalani, the Minister of Labour, Engineer Mahmoud Njoum, the General Manager of the Vocational Training Directorate and Mr. Mounir Kleibo, ILO Representative in Palestine. During the event, the aforementioned officials expressed to attendees and the press their full support with rolling-out the KAB programme in Ramallah.

Participants showed great enthusiasm and commitment toward the KAB programme, giving specific recommendations for the implementation and monitoring process. Of particular interest for participants was the topic of social entrepreneurship, whereby many teachers developed a feasible plan for greening their VTCs through cooperation with local institutions.

A draft KAB implementation plan outlining the schedule and number of hours to be given was jointly set for the training centres, while participants from YWCA and Lutheran World Federation developed their own implementation plans according to their institutional needs.

Under the framework of the ILO/KAB project in the Palestine (funded by Kuwait and the Welfare Association) and the nationalization process of the KAB programme currently underway in the Ministries of Labour, Education and Higher Education, a KAB Refresher National Key Facilitator workshop was conducted from 13-18 April 2013 at the Ankars Hotel in Ramallah. It was mainly facilitated by Mr. Samih Jaber, KAB Regional Key Facilitator, with the help of the ILO Enterprise Development Specialist.

The first day was allocated for the revision of the KAB teaching methods, techniques and games; the introduction of the KAB 2013 version; and the presentation of the new Key Facilitator Guide.

During the workshop, KAB NKFs presented their KAB teaching experiences. They highlighted successes, difficulties, challenges faced and how they dealt with them. A discussion was initiated after each presentation to exchange lessons learned and share good practices. Participants delivered micro-teaching sessions on several KAB topics.

One session was dedicated for participants from each Ministry to prepare and discuss among themselves their KAB dissemination action plan. Once completed, the plans were presented to all participants by the KAB coordinators of each ministry.

Another session was dedicated to present and explain the KAB M&E tools and methodology focusing on the pre and post questionnaires and the KAB impact report. Additionally, one session was allocated to review the KAB KF guide and the roles of the NKFs in organizing KAB TOFs.

At the end of the workshop, participants were provided with hard and electronic copies of the latest KAB 2013 version. Workshop certificates of attendance were distributed in the presence of Mr. Mahmud Njoum, Director General of Vocational Training at MoL, Mr. Ziad Jweilis, Director General Vocational and Technical Education at the MoHE, Mr. Osama Eshtayeh, Acting Director General for Vocational Education and Mr. Mounir Kleibo (ILO Jerusalem).

ILO and the Welfare Association sign a partnership agreement to promote entrepreneurship education in the oPt.

The Welfare Association (WA) signed, on Thursday July 12th, a partnership agreement with the International Labour Organization (ILO) in its headquarter in Ramallah, in the aim to support the nationalization  of the ILO entrepreneurship education package ‘’ Know About Business ‘’ in the occupied Palestinian territory.

The agreement was signed by the Director General of WA in Palestine, Dr. Tafida Al Jarbawi, and by the ILO country representative in the occupied Palestinian territory, Mr. Mounir Kleibo. The event was attended by officials from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Labour.

Dr. Al Jarbawi pointed out the importance of youth employment and youth education both representing priority areas of intervention for the WA. A total of USD 17 million was allocated to implement youth employment projects and to support young entrepreneurs in the establishment of their small businesses and thus create job opportunities. The latter contributed to the creation of hundreds of job opportunities for new graduates coming from vocational training and academic backgrounds; in addition, tens of small enterprises were established and have helped entrepreneurs generate income to support their families in different regions.

Dr. Al Jarbawi confirmed the importance of the ILO  initiative to nationalize the "Know About Business" Programme  in the occupied Palestinian territory and the extent of its contribution to support vocational education, develop the entrepreneurial skills of graduates, and strengthen the link between the education system and the labour market.

Mr. Mounir Kleibo thanked the WA for its financial contribution to the KAB project and reiterated ILO’s strong commitment to promote decent and productive work in Palestine while focusing on women and youth.

A press release by the Al Ayyam newspaper can be accessed on the following link:


An evaluation of the KAB project Phase I in Palestine was done by Mr. Chris Weinmann accompanied by Ms. Rania Bikhazi, Enterprise Development Specialist.

The evaluation started in Amman where a meeting was held with the KAB Regional Key Facilitator, Mr. Samih Jaber, who was the lead expert working on the KAB project. Mr. Jaber gave a detailed presentation of the activities he conducted under the project namely the TOFs, refresher courses, and the NKF workshop. He also clarified the specificities of the teachers’ certification process in Palestine which included attending the NKF workshop, a written test on the KAB content and the delivery of a full TOF under ILO monitoring.

Over 3 days, Mr. Weinmann and Ms. Bikhazi held meetings with the MoL and the MoEHE. They met with the Minister of Labour who spoke highly of the KAB programme as a means to bridge the gap between vocational education and the labour market needs. Follow-up meetings were held with the National KAB Coordinator Mr. Abdullah Al Silawi and the 5 recently certified KAB National Key Facilitators (NKFs).

The NKFs highlighted the need to review the pre and post tests of the KAB programme, simplify it and train the teachers on how to analyze the results. They also focused on the need to provide KAB teachers with incentives in order to motivate them and keep up their enthusiasm.

A meeting was held with the Director General of Technical Education at the MoEHE who also expressed the Ministry’s full support of the programme which will be rolled out nationally starting January 2011. He also stressed on the need to involve the administration and principals of schools and colleges to ensure full understanding of the programme and the provision of the needed support to the teachers.

A long meeting was held with the National KAB Coordinator under the MoEHE and 5 out of the 8 potential NKFs. The latter raised a number of issues namely:

  • · Who can assess the business plans submitted by students?
  • · Analysis of the pre and post questionnaires
  • · Who will assess the KAB impact once the MoEHE will nationalize?
  • · Incentives for teachers and NKFs who will train other teachers.

A number of success stories were presented to the evaluators such as newly opened coffee shops, furniture shops and car mechanics especially in the Hebron area.

Mr. Weinmann also held additional meetings with UNDP, DFID to get to know the portfolio of private sector and SME development initiatives in Palestine along with a meeting with the previous KAB coordinator.

As part of the Nationalization of KAB in Palestine, a Training of Facilitators workshop was held in Ramallah from 4-15 September 2011 by the Ministry of Labour and under the supervision of ILO. The TOF was facilitated by five potential NKFs who assisted each other in the delivery as part of their assessment for their successful certification as National Key Facilitators under the monitoring of Mr. Samih Jaber, ILO KAB Regional Facilitator.

Attached are photos from the workshop.

In the first picture:

First Row: Samih Jaber, ILO KAB Regional Facilitator and Rania Bikhazi SME Specialist

Second Row: the 5 potential NKFs- Shehdeh Al Zarou, Khawla Zughaiar Natsheh, Nidal Fahmi Ayesh, Shaheer Rasheed Yacoub, Abdallah Al Selawi.

In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region countries such as Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen, have introduced or are in the process of introducing the Know About Business (KAB) entrepreneurship education at various educational levels such as secondary, post-secondary, vocational and technical schools and higher education

The objective of this international conference on entrepreneurship education was to bring together politicians, researchers, educators, practitioners and students mainly from Arabian countries to discuss and share knowledge and experiences with a view to develop better policies and guidelines for the promotion of self-employment and youth entrepreneurship through entrepreneurship education. 190 participants from 28 countries shared their experience and knowledge about entrepreneurship education. The present document synthesizes the main discussions and recommendations made during the conference.

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For the month of October 2010 the Magazine "Entrepreneur" issued in Saudia Arabia featured two articles related to KAB:

1. An interview with Ms. Rania Bikhazi, Enterprise Development specialist at the International Labour Organization Regional Office for Arab States, on self-employment, entrepreneurship and the implementation of KAB in the Arab Region.

2. The implementation of KAB in Palestine

Kindly find attached both articles, in Arabic, in addition to the cover page of the magazine on which Ms. Rania Bikhazi is featured.

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