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As youth unemployment reaches unprecedented levels in many countries, the ILO will hold a Global Youth Employment Forum to address the challenges young people face in the labour market. 

The Forum will gather a hundred young men and women
involved in the promotion of decent work for youth. Participants will share their experiences and views on the current employment situation and discuss practical examples of successful initiatives which have led to the promotion of decent work for youth.

Plenary sessions, thematic discussions and breakout workshops will focus mainly on:
  • Examining various aspects of the youth employment crisis, reviewing facts and issues from various regions
  • How to enable access to decent work for young people (including students, interns, informal workers, unpaid family contributors...)
  • Developing partnerships for more and better jobs for the youth
In preparation for the Forum, a video contest and national youth consultation events have been organized in order to help shape the discussions and final outcome of this event.


  • Has your organization implemented a programme to support employment of young people?
  • Do you want your programme to be recognized, disseminated and replicated in other countries?

Sign up!

We invite you to complete the online registration form in English, Spanish or French.

The call for proposal will on 28 April 2012. No applications will be accepted after this date.

The selection committee will identify good practices from each region, and invite their representative to present their experience in the Youth Employment Forum in Geneva.

Get international recognition and see how your programme is replicated in other countries.

The representative of each selected practice in each region will be invited to the Youth Employment Forum to be held between 23 and 25 May 2012. All expenses (including transportation, accommodation and meals) will be covered by ILO.

The selected good practices will be published online and in a printed document.

For more information please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or visit http://youthpractices.ucol.mx/english/index.php

or http://www.ilo.org/youthforum







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November 14-20, 2011

Calling ILO partners and trainer’s networks:


Show us what it means to you by launching an activity or participating in GEW events nearest you.

Submit your stories, (videos, pictures, etc.) to us via Facebook (ILO WED page) or upload them on to knowaboutbusiness.org!

As a kick-off...here's our attempt! Watch our short youtube video and enjoy!

Your ILO HQ SEED team

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We asked a KAB Facilitator from Vietnam about the progress of KAB in his county, his experience, and his thoughts on what should come next. Read his thoughts here...

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This is the manual for registered users, those not affiliated with the ILO or the KAB package but are part of our community. It is a resource which describes how to upload items, photos, and overall use the site. Should you have any difficulties commiting any of these actions, please feel free to contact or on the community by writing me, the Community Helper!

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The Youth Entrepreneurship Facility (YEF) is looking for 50 enthusiastic, results-oriented, committed, and motivated young professionals who have graduated from colleges or higher learning institutions in the fields of economics, social science, management, business administration, community development, and ICT to join the Kazi Nje Nje!

Kazi Nje Nje!” is a one year apprenticeship program implemented by YEF for the purpose of providing practical exposure, capacity building, and professional development opportunity for aspiring young professional BDS providers freshly graduating from colleges. The “Kazi Nje Nje!” builds your capacity to support entrepreneurship and private sector development in Tanzania. It will give you a good basis to work as a professional business management consultant or even start your own consulting business in the future.

Application deadline: November 1, 2010

For more information visit:http://www.ilo.org/public/english/region/afpro/daressalaam/

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This report gives quick overview of the global outreach of the KAB program as of September 2009. Quite some detective work went into preparing this report since no systematic monitoring system had been established for the KAB program. The data presented in the report is thus collected from numerous educational institutions and ILO offices and colleagues in the close to 50 countries where KAB has been introduced. Many devoted individuals contributed to this report and thanks is due to all who went the "extra mile" to furnish the information. Special thanks is due to Thais Lucas de Rezende who showed a particular flair for detective work and for making sense of  all the information. Henceforth, we hope that this knowledge sharing platform will provide a space for the growing community of KAB practitioners to share information and keep the community growing.
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Making Cents International is organising the Global Youth Enterprise Conference in Washington D.C. on 29-30 September  at George Washington University. The conference will see a diverse range of participants that are working to promote youth employment and youth entrepreneurship across the world. There is a growing growing community committed to investing in young people, and the innovations necessary to ensure programs and policies achieve greater impact, sustainability, and scale.

The ILO is organising a session on the experiencs and lessons learned from the implementation of the Know About Business (KAB) entrepreneurship education programme. Joni Simpson, Klaus Haftendorn and Jens Dyring Christensen, along with a young entrepreneur from Syria who participated in the KAB programme in Syria, will talk about how to make the entrepreneurship educaion case to policy makers and the importance of introducing entrepreneurship into general education.

For more information about the conference and the programme visit www.youthenterpriseconference.org

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