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The BBC Arabic show "Noktat Hiwar" highlighted the issue of youth unemployment in the Arab Region in its October 3 episode.

Check out the Arabic video in which BBC asks the opinions of Arab youth and entrepreneurs on ways to reduce unemployment and promote entrepreneurship in the region:
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November 14-20, 2011

Calling ILO partners and trainer’s networks:


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Key Facilitator Ms Abid from Pakistan sits down and answers a few questions for us on her experiences with Entrepreneurship Education package, KAB. The entire Q/A is downloadable under attachments.
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As a follow- up to the KAB expert meeting that was held in Amman from 3-5 August 2011, a 3 day meeting from 18-20 August was held at the ILO office in Beirut to finalize the KAB 2012 version. The meeting was chaired by Rania Bikhazi, Enterprise Development Specialist and KAB International Key Facilitator. Participants included KAB Regional Key Facilitators, Samih Jaber and Dania Achi, KAB National Key Facilitator, Wael Ghosn and KAB officer, Alexandra Irani.The aim of the meeting was to finalize the review of the KAB package and include a Decent Work Topic and a green module.

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This report is an attempt to report back on the major findings from 8 tracer studies that were carried out in 8 countries under an SDC funded project, as well as provide some insights on lessons learned and recommendations on the tools and process used to carry out these assessments. This is to help future similar initiatives in KAB and other entrepreneurship education programmes. The key question was to find out what happened to KAB participants 2 or 3 years after graduation and how does their school-to-work transition and current employment situation compare to peers who did not take the course. The research project however did not look more into detail at the impact the programme had had on their first beneficiaries, i.e. the trainers and teachers trained.

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In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region countries such as Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen, have introduced or are in the process of introducing the Know About Business (KAB) entrepreneurship education at various educational levels such as secondary, post-secondary, vocational and technical schools and higher education

The objective of this international conference on entrepreneurship education was to bring together politicians, researchers, educators, practitioners and students mainly from Arabian countries to discuss and share knowledge and experiences with a view to develop better policies and guidelines for the promotion of self-employment and youth entrepreneurship through entrepreneurship education. 190 participants from 28 countries shared their experience and knowledge about entrepreneurship education. The present document synthesizes the main discussions and recommendations made during the conference.

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This is the manual for registered users, those not affiliated with the ILO or the KAB package but are part of our community. It is a resource which describes how to upload items, photos, and overall use the site. Should you have any difficulties commiting any of these actions, please feel free to contact or on the community by writing me, the Community Helper!

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A Yemen news provider and the University of Aden published four articles on KAB in Yemen.

The first Article covers the event "KAB Awareness Raising Workshop" that was held on January 19, 2011 in Sanaa in the presence of H.E Dr. Ibrahim Hugari, Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training and Ms. Rania Bikhazi, Entreprise Development Specialist at the International Labor Organization, Regional Office for Arab States.

The second Article, dated January 18, 2011, covers the KAB implementation plan in technical and vocational training centres for the year 2011-2012.

The Third and fourth Articles dated January 26, 2011 cover the KAB Workshop that was held under the patronage of H.E the Minister of higher education Dr. Salah Ali Basra at the Mercure Hotel in Yemen.

Kindly find below the 4 links for the Arabic articles:

Also attached, three pictures on the abovementioned articles.


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The Youth to Youth Fund is a competitive grant and capacity building scheme for youth organizations for innovative project ideas that promote and develop entrepreneurship among peers.

Come join for a Grantee Ceremony where all 13 finalists will present their project proposals and showcase their solutions to youth entreneurship development in Tanzania. You will have the chance to cast your vote of the Public Choice Award! Awarded grants will range between $ 5,000 and $ 20,000.

For more information, see PDF file attached below.

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After several years of experience in the area of Entrepreneurship education and KAB, stakeholders from China, Laos, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia (more specifically from Banda Aceh, Papua, West Papua, South Sulawesi, Maluku, East Nusa Tenggara and Jakarta) were invited to meet for three days in September 2010 in Jakarta to discuss entrepreneurship education and quality assurance. Under the title “Entrepreneurship Education: seeking to improve quality and impact for the benefit of youth entrepreneurship” this Asia-Pacific regional workshop was organized by the International Labour Organization in collaboration with the Indonesia Youth Employment Network (JEJAKMU) and coincided with the International Year of Youth. It gathered a diverse group of over 90 participants working directly or indirectly on entrepreneurship education and the ILO’s Know About Business programme.

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