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The second phase of KAB courses at the National Company for Employment and Training started on December 18th 2011. A total of 370 students will be taught by 20 NCET teachers from various vocational training specialities who attended a KAB TOF and have already delivered a first round of courses. The training will take place till March 15th 2011 where both BDC and ILO will be conducting monitoring visits to evaluate the teachers' performance for their certification as KAB National Facilitators.

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The Business Development Center, which is currently ILO's national counterpart in Jordan for the delivery of KAB at the National Company for Employment and Training, hosted around 40 activities and workshops on entrepreneurship which were attended by 577 participants as part of the annual celebration for  "The Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011" from November 14th  -21st  2011. BDC aimed to contribute to fostering an entrepreneurship culture in Jordan.

The activities included awareness sessions for youth targeting Jordanian senior undergraduates from different universities and fresh graduates in different governorates.

37 activities were conducted in universities from 16 to 21 November and included interactive discussions and exercises facilitated by trainers specialized in entrepreneurship. Jordanian entrepreneurs shared the secrets behind their success and explained how they overcame all challenges faced in establishing and managing a business.

BDC launched the 36th  Entrepreneurship Training Workshop on November 19th , 2011 with the participation of 18 business men and women.

Additionally, BDC conducted a "Youth Entrepreneurship Training" workshop in Aqaba. 35  fresh graduates coming from different universities and who were willing to open their own businesses participated in the training which lasted for 10 hours and focused on entrepreneurship attitudes and skills. The workshop was facilitated by a UNCTAD certified trainer,  Mr. Fadi Sharaiha. The same workshop was also held in Amman from November 25 to 30 and was attended by 19 entrepreneurs.


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Ms Alexandra Irani, a KAB Officer from the Arab Region has been working in several countries for KAB. She stacked up the most uploads onto the KAB site in 2011 and will be the highlighted Key Facilitator in the December 2011 Newsletter. Read about her accomplishments this past year, and the future goals of the countries she works in.


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A KAB Follow-up Workshop was held at the BDC offices in Amman from 8 to 13 October 2011. 24 facilitator attended from NCET the workshop that was delivered by Ms. Dania Achi and Mr. Ahmed Abdulbari, KAB Regional Key Facilitators.

The workshop was held after the end of the first KAB sessions in which 189 students participated at the National Company for Employment and Training. KAB teachers shared delivery experiences and discussed challenges faced during implementation. Ms. Achi and Mr. Abdulbary reviewed the delivery techniques of the KAB teachers and came up with  recommendations to expand KAB's outreach at the NCET.

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