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Entrepreneurship education has become a priority for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Iran. After learning about the KAB programme, the authorities decided to take steps to introduce the package in the country from 2008 onwards. This process has been led by the Technical and Vocational Training Organization (TVTO), a public institution affiliated to the Ministry and responsible for holding short-term technical and vocational training in Iran. In 2008, the TVTO finished the translation into Farsi and the adaptation of KAB materials to the Iranian context. It also received a licensing agreement allowing it to integrate KAB in their vocational training curricula. As part of the process of building the country’s capacity to deliver the programme, the first training workshop for Facilitators and Promoters of entrepreneurship education was held in Karaj where 28 instructors from 24 provincial offices of the TVTO participated and a plan for implementing KAB at the provincial level was developed.

In January 2009, the KAB programme began to be pilot tested in the TVTO offices in Tehran and Karaj, with 22 young trainees enrolled. Also at the start of 2009, another workshop was conducted at the ILO training center in Turin (ITC-ILO) for 38 facilitators and promoters from 26 TVTOs office, and later in April, an Iranian facilitator working in the Industrial Management Institute, was trained to teach and promote KAB at the annual workshop held at ITC-ILO. In 2010, the TVTO plans, with the support of the ILO, to spread the KAB programme in all 31 provinces where the TVTO has offices.

Education & Training Institutions: 1 public umbrella organization, the Technical and Vocational Training Organization (TVTO), with 2 provincial offices pilot testing KAB, in Tehran and Karaj.

Facilitators, Trainers and Promoters Trained: Around 66

Students/Trainees: 22 young trainees enrolled in the KAB course (started in January 2009)

Key Facilitators & Teacher Educators: 8 national key facilitators

Mr Abbas Karimi - International Training Centre, Iran 
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Kholoud Al-Khaldi - Senior Programme Officer, Enterprise, Microfinance and Local Development Programme, ILO International Training Centre (ITC-ILO) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Note: all data above refers to the information available as of April, 2009. The figures can actually be slightly larger than presented.


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