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Entrepreneurship education and training is a top item on the educational policy agenda in Honduras. In 2004, the Ministry of Education decided to introduce KAB in the national education system through a pilot test in technical secondary schools and vocational institutes, in a joint effort with the support of the ILO’s Regional Sustainable Employment Programme (PRES phase II). 

In preparation for the pilot test, four KAB training workshops were held for groups of selected Facilitators, Trainers and Promoters in 2004 and 2005. A total of 17 institutions were selected to participate in this exercise (the National Centre for Work Education (CENET), responsible for 10 public institutes of technical and vocational education, 4 regional centres of the National Vocational Training Institute (INFOP), two municipalities (Siguatepeque and Ocotepeque) and one non-governmental organization (Centro Juvenil San Juan Bosco)) and around 75 participants were trained to teach or promote KAB. Eleven municipalities in six regions were covered: Francisco Morazán, Siguatepeque, Ocotepeque, La Paz, Cortés and Intibucá. After receiving training, the participants of each institution organized and planned the delivery of KAB to their students or trainees. 

In April 2005, while receiving technical support from the ILO, all participating institutions to the workshop began delivering KAB and a total of 675 students and trainees from technical secondary schools and vocational institutes participated in the pilot courses. During the pilot, meetings were held between the ILO, representatives of the Ministry of Education and the implementing institutions to evaluate progress and as a result, a network of KAB Facilitators, Trainers and Promoters was formed and a national coordination was established. In September 2005, a National Meeting of KAB Facilitators took place and in October, the first regional Joint Workshop of Secondary Education Students gathered representatives from the education and training institutions, the Ministry and KAB students.     

Following an overall positive feedback from the pilot project, the National Institute for Vocational Training (INFOP) decided to incorporate the methodology into its educational and training curriculum in Francisco Morazán, Atlántida, Cortés, La Paz e Intibucá.

Education & Training Institutions: 17

Facilitators, Trainers and Promoters Trained: 75

Students/Trainees: Over 675

Rafael Gómez –  Coordinator of PRES (2002 - 2006) in Honduras and Nicaragua
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Jorge Cabrera – Chief Technical Advisor PRES (2002 - 2006) 
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* Note: all data above refers to the information available as of April, 2009. The figures can actually be slightly larger than presented

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