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The Ethiopian Government has stated Youth Employment as one of its top priorities. As the country experiences an explosion in the demand and supply for both higher, and vocational and technical education, the Ethiopian authorities have become increasingly concerned about the thousands of students who will graduate from these institutions and who in the next few years will be seeking employment. As a response, the government believes that the creation of an entrepreneurial culture is key to providing these youngsters with alternatives. Promoting Entrepreneurship education is thus one of the top strategies the Government is pushing forward for the construction of an entrepreneurial culture. 

For that, the Government of Ethiopia through its Ministry of Education and in consultation with its Ministries of Capacity Building, and Works and Urban Development as well as TVETs agencies, has requested ILO’s help and support as to introduce the KAB package in all TVET institutions from this upcoming academic year (September 2009). The final objective is to build the country’s capacity to teach entrepreneurship education by ensuring that all 450 TVETs have at least 2 trainers in this field by the beginning of 2009’s fourth quarter.

The MOE wishes to start introducing Entrepreneurship Education curricula intoTechnical and Vocational Education and Training institutions (TVETs) and universities as soon as possible.  The ILO and the MOE is currently planning to conduct 4 TOTs from 28 September to 5 October 2009 that will train 80 participants and start their accreditation process to become National Key Facilitators. The plan of the MOE is to first roll out KAB to selected vocational schools in the 2009/10 school year and then introduce KAB gradually across the three education levels.

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