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KAB activities in the country started in 2008, when the first Facilitators and project Promoters were trained in teaching KAB in a nationally conducted workshop. As part of their accreditation, four short workshops were held during which the trained facilitators delivered some KAB modules to students / trainees and their teaching performance was observed by Key Facilitators. A total of about 75 students participated. Later in 2008, two public institutions of higher education under the Ministry of Environment and Tourism − The Zimbabwe College of Forestry and the Forestry Industry Training Centre − decided to incorporate the KAB programme in their curriculum and will deliver it as part of their colleges’ course offerings, starting in 2009. Their training timetable was reviewed and some sessions were included to cover KAB topics, which have been delivered by trained facilitators. Since January 2009, the curriculum of the National Certificate for Saw Doctoring, Certificate in Forestry, Diploma in Forestry and Diploma in Wood Technology include a compulsory entrepreneurship course (approximately 60 hours) based on KAB and SYB.

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