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The Know About Business package has been rolled out to 18 different institutions, mainly technical schools and secondary schools, in over 12 provinces in Viet nam. The package has reached over 7,500 students and trained 200 Facilitators, Teachers, Promoters and Researchers through-out the country. Currently, OCD consulting firm and IIE Vietnam Co., Ltd have taken over the roll out of the KAB package and plan to: increase its reach to to universities and private training institutions in Hanoi,; support local entrepreneurial business contests to enable an entrepreneurial culture among Vietnamese students; expand KAB training to all vocational training programmes in specific provinces through-out the country; and coordinate the linkage between governmental institutions and the entrepreneurship package to promote self employment and credit programmes for its graduates.

Background of KABs roll out in Vietnam:


In 2005 the ILO and Vietnam National Institute for Education Services (VNIES) analyzed, adapted, and successfully began a roll out of the Know About Business package to Facilitators, Teachers and Promoters of 8 secondary schools and 4 Vocational Training Centers (VTCs). This training reached over 30 facilitators from Binh Phuoc, Quang Ngai, Thanh Hoa,  and Tra Vinh provinces. Consequently, in the 2006 and 2007 academic years, the package was taught in each school, reaching over 2,800 students. A refresher course was additionally conducted for lessons learnt and gaining feedback from students and Facilitators.

2007- 2008

2007 to 2008 marked years of expansion, where 58 more Facilitators were trained from more than 10 VTCs and institutes, the Training Support and Human Resources Development Centre under MoET, and pedagogical universities, reaching more than 2,800 students in Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, HCMC, Binh Phuoc and Tra Vinh provinces. .


The ILO-EC-MoLISA Labor Market Project supported in 2009 the KAB pilot project  for the first time in 10 additional technical and vocational training institutions, reaching around 3,200 students  in 5 provinces, including Ninh Binh, Danang, HCMC, Ben Tre,  and Lam Dong, reaching a total of 7,500 students by the 2010 academic year.


The ILO/MoLISA Local Economic Development (LED) project in Quang Nam province supported the introduction of KAB into all TVETs in Quang Nam. A Training of Teachers (ToT) workshop held in December to 20 teachers from 13 TVETs in the Quang Nam province. After the ToT workshop, DoLISA in Quang Nam issued an official recommendation to all TVETs to offer KAB as official elective course in all schools in tge Quang Nam province, where KAB is to be introduced in the 2011-2012 academic year.


The ITC/ILO has granted a one year license to the OCD consulting firm to pilot the KAB programme online. A ToT workshop held to 15 teachers/researchers of OCD in December 2010.

In early 2011, the private consulting firm, IIE Vietnam Co., Ltd were hired to introduce KAB to students at the Foreign Trade University (FTU) in Hanoi, and document the process for a feasibility study of a fee – based approach to KAB. Under this project two KAB training courses were introduced and reached approximately 50 students.

To date, the ILO local office works closely with its implementing partners: VNIES, the NIVT, and the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs’ General Department of Vocational Training Centers, all of whom are promoting the mainstreaming of KAB into the national training curricular of secondary high school and vocational training schools.


Education & Training Institutions: 18

Facilitators, Trainers and Promoters Trained: 200

Students/Trainees: 7,500

Key Facilitators & Teacher Educators: 2 National Key Facilitators

Contact: Hoang Van Duong – Freelance Consultant, National Key Facilitator

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