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In Tajikistan entrepreneurship education and training has grown in importance and outreach, in the last few years. The KAB methodology has been accepted as a mode of response to increasing demand fo curricula development in the field of entrepreneural education. Several Primary education and vocational training institutions have already introduced an adapted version of KAB. The 33 Facilitators and Promoters of KABs entrepreneurship education in Tajikistan were trainned at two workshops organized in 2003, one in March and another in December. 29 representatives were from vocational schools and professional lyceums where pilot tests were lated conducted which initial results reported the program was very well accepted. Two of the participating schools have continuted to  deliver KAB and one of the Facilitator even promotes KAB courses independently in other vocational schools and professional lyceums.

In October 2007, a 10-day special KAB training was conducted for 25 children at risk of being forced into worst forms of child labour, at the Special Vocational School (SVS) in Dushanbe city. The projects aims were to contribute to both the refinement and development of a new SVS curriculum, and to help children at the SVS gain skills and knowledge of self-employment. The KAB package was adapted and localized to the specific area of Tajikistan, and the 120-hours version  of KAB was later adapted into two separate packages: an 80 hrs version to be used for out-of-school and working children aged 16/18, and a 40 hrs version to be used for children aged 14/16. These adapted versions were translated to the Tajik language.


Education & Training Institutions: Over 3 (vocational schools and professional lyceums, Special Vocational School (SVS) in Dushanbe city, institutions that promote ad-hoc KAB courses)

Facilitators, Trainers and Promoters Trained: 30

Students/Trainees: Over 80


Ms. Gulmira Asanbaeva – Regional Key Facilitator. Employment Expert, TC and RBSA programmes/projects, ILO SRO Moscow, Russia.
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* Note: all data above refers to the information available as of April, 2009. The figures can actually be slightly larger than presented.


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