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In the Philippines, entrepreneurship education has gained an important role in the national education curriculum and has already benefited thousands of young people. Since 2006, the Know About Business (KAB) programme has been contributing to the national efforts of preparing youth to be more enterprising in their career and in their life. During that year, pilot tests were started in technical and vocational schools and secondary education institutions. In technical and vocational schools (public and private) the complete KAB package was introduced for students whose specialization area was Entrepreneurship in their 3rd or 4th year. Meanwhile, in secondary education, KAB was introduced more generally through a refined secondary education curriculum.

In preparation for pilot testing in technical and vocational education, two KAB training workshops were conducted in April and May 2006 in Manila, while two others were held in Tagaytay city and Cebu city, in May and June 2006 geared especially towards secondary education. All in all, a total of 96 teachers and school principals were trained to promote and teach KAB and pilot tests began in the 2006-2007 school year. About 48 schools in 30 provinces nationwide participated in the pilot test, with about 2,029 students enrolled. In August, another training workshop was carried out for curricula writers, and a month later, an additional one in Cebu for about 20 key facilitators from China, Indonesia, Philippines, PNG Laos and Timor Leste.

After the first pilot text experience and extensive meetings between DepED experts, the national partners and the ILO, it was decided that another pilot test would be conducted with reviews in the cirriculum in the 2007-2008 school year. The weight of Entrepreneurship in the TLE subject was increased and a locally adapted version of KAB was finalized in October 2007 as to be used in the piloting schools from that November onwards. In preparation for an outreach increase of KAB, a new training of Key Facilitators was conducted at the start of 2007 with 150 participants, who immediately started to train more facilitators, as well as, a training workshop for curriculum specialists and directors of curriculum from secondary level education.

The new curriculum with the TLE subject has since been replicated to 122 public high schools and each year, the outreach of KAB expands as the process of rolling out the new curriculum continues. Starting from 2010, during a period of four years, the DepED plans to train 25,000 KAB facilitators and promoters and to mainstream KAB in the national curriculum from grade 7 to 10, rolling it out to 9,000 secondary schools. With the support of the ILO, the non-governmental organization Leading Entrepreneurs Towards Seizing Global Opportunities (LET’S GO Foundation) and the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship, it is estimated that this initiative will reach 6.2 million young students.


Education & Training Institutions: 122

Facilitators, Trainers and Promoters Trained: Over 300

Students /Trainees: Around 18,000

Key Facilitators & Teacher Educators: 1 National Key Facilitator (accredited by the ILO), 150 National Key Facilitators, 1 National & Regional Key Facilitator (accredited by the ILO)


The KAB programme is promoted in the Philippines by the Department of Education (DepED), with the support of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship, Leading Entrepreneurs Towards Seizing Global Opportunities (LET’S GO) Foundation and the ILO.

Mr. Francisco Enrique Bernardo (Jay) - Let’s Go Foundation; Professor of Entrepreneurship; KAB National & Regional Key Facilitator
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Ms. Lolita Magpayo Andrada - Director, Bureau of Secondary Education, Ministry of Education
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* Note: all data above refers to the information available as of April, 2009. The figures can actually be slightly larger than presented.


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