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 In 2005 an initiative issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport  introdued KAB materials into Nicaraguan classrooms where 3 trainning workshops were conducted, 70 teachers were trained, action plans were devised, and pilot tests were conducted in over 30 municipalities. Since then over 915 teachers have been trainned, and exponential amount of materials have been distributed, and a network of Facilitators, Trainers, and Promoters has been set up for coordination and monitoring and evaluation. 

In September of the same year, a National Meeting of KAB Facilitators was organized and in October, the first regional Joint Workshop of Secondary Education Students was held in Honduras- gathering national representatives from the education and training institutions, and KAB students from both countries. During these meetings, participants provided positive feedback from their KAB experiences and indicated that, in general, they considered the methodology adequate for the national directives of entrepreneurship education.

These efforts have all been made possible with the support of the ILO and four other national partner organizations: Young Men’s Christian Association, Youth Centre Don Bosco, Fundación entre Mujeres, Agency of Local Economic Development Estelí.


Education & Training Institutions: 30

Facilitators, Trainers and Promoters Trained: Over 70

Students/Trainees: Over 915


 Rafael Gómez  – Coordinator of the PRES project (2002 - 2006) in Honduras and Nicaragua
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Jorge Cabrera – Chief Technical Advisor of the PRES project (2002 - 2006) 
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* Note: all data above refers to the information available as of April, 2009. The figures can actually be slightly larger than presented.


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