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2012 Activities:

15-18 January 2012; 26-29 February 2012; 5-7 March 2012: Amman, Jordan
Monitoring and Evaluation of KAB Teachers’ performance in classrooms

15-18 January 2012

Under the ILO/BDC project “Know About Business in the National Company for Employment and Training”, the ILO-RO SME Specialist visited teachers delivering KAB at the National Company for Employment and Training to evaluate their performance for certification purposes and ensure KAB teaching standards are applied. During this first round of monitoring, a total of 8 teachers were assessed over 4 days. The Specialist also held a coaching session with every teacher highlighting the areas of weakness and providing constructive feedback on performance.

26-29 February 2012; 5-7 March 2012

The first round of monitoring was continued by a KAB consultant and the KAB Coordinator at BDC where the remaining 10 teachers were assessed over 4 days. The consultant and the KAB coordinator jointly held a 20 minutes coaching session with every teacher after each class to highlight the areas of weakness and provide constructive feedback on performance. Based on the coaching, teachers were expected to improve their delivery in the second monitoring round which was held from 5-7 March 2012 and where all 14 teachers were assessed by the consultant, the BDC KAB Coordinator and the ILO-RO SME specialist.

23 October 2012: Amman, Jordan
KAB Awareness Workshop for the Development and Employment Fund (DEF) and the Vocational Training Corporation (VTC)

Under the framework of the ILO-DEF-VTC Project, in Jordan, a KAB Awareness Workshop was held for the staff of the Development and Employment Fund (DEF) and the Vocational Training Corporation (VTC). The workshop took place on Tuesday 23 October at the Kempinski Hotel in the presence of 55 participants mainly Heads of VTC Directorates, DEF employees, the General Manager of the E-TVET Fund, directors of vocational trainings institutes that have been nominated to participate in the KAB pilot phase, trainers initially nominated by VTC, International Youth Foundation representatives and the media.

The workshop was opened by Mr. Omar Al Omari from DEF and Mr. Hani Khleifat on behalf of the Director General of the VTC, Mr. Majed Al Habashneh. Both opening speeches stressed on the need to promote entrepreneurship education among Jordanian youth, especially those enrolled in vocational institutes, in order to reduce the culture of dependency on public sector employment and contribute to the reduction of unemployment among youth.

Both VTC and DEF expressed their commitment to the project and their readiness to fully engage with the ILO to ensure the success of the KAB pilot phase hoping that the programme could be nationalized at a later stage and taken on board by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

A detailed presentation was made by Mr. Samih Jaber, ILO KAB Regional Key Facilitator, on the KAB programme content and implementation modality and experiences/lessons learned from the implementation of the programme in other Arab countries were shared. The afternoon session was dedicated to Q&As and to draw the workplan of the KAB Jordan project.

11-12 November 2012: Amman, Jordan
KAB Selection Interviews

Under the framework of the ILO-DEF-VTC Project, in Jordan, KAB Selection Interviews were held with the coordinators, trainers and supervisors selected by the Development and Employment Fund (DEF) and the Vocational Training Corporation (VTC).

The purpose of these interviews was to assess the coordinators’, trainers’ and supervisors’ readiness and ability to participate in the KAB pilot which will entail but is not limited to participating in the Training of Facilitators’ Workshop (TOF), subsequent KAB follow-up workshops and delivering/supervising the KAB course in selected vocational training classes. Selected trainers should be dynamic, ready to learn and implement participatory training techniques and receive and give constructive feedback.

31 interviews were held with coordinators, supervisors and trainers to enquire about the following main points:

  1. Their attitude towards entrepreneurship education and the KAB programme
  2. Their motivation level
  3. Their business and teaching skills
  4. Whether they previously opened a business

In general, all interviewed participants showed a high level of interest in the KAB programme and its piloting at the selected vocational training centres due to what they heard of the programme during the KAB Awareness Workshop and their previous exposure to various trainings on soft skills and participatory training techniques. The KAB Coordinators and Supervisors specifically expressed high enthusiasm and readiness to dedicate their full time for the successful implementation of the KAB project.

After conducting the interviews and following the interviewer's recommendations, 4 trainers were replaced due to either a lack of interest in the KAB programme or severe time/financial constraints they will be facing that will prevent them from providing the programme the adequate time for a successful implementation.

The KAB Training of Facilitators' Workshop is expected to be held in the first quarter of 2013.

2011 Activities:

The ILO Know About Business (KAB) programme was initiated in Jordan under the agreement established between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Business Development Centre (BDC) in April 2011. Under the umbrella of BDC, KAB would target teachers and students of the National Company for Employment and Training (NCET).

The first training of Facilitators (ToF) took place at the BDC premises in Zarqa from 14-24 May 2011 and was facilitated by Ms. Dania Achi and Mr. Ahmad Abdulbary, KAB Regional Key Facilitators.  It was attended by 26 teachers from NCET.

A follow-up KAB workshop was held from 8-13 October 2011 to share experiences, refresh the teachers’ knowledge of KAB and adapt the content of the material to the Jordanian context if needed.



Mr. Ghaleb M. Hijazi, KAB Coordinator, +962 6 586 5002 ext. 214

Ms. Rania Bikhazi, Enterprise Development Specialist, +961-1-752400

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