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A new report on Entrepreneurship Education in the Middle East from the UN

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The UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre and the UNESCO Regional Bureau in Beirut are jointly implementing a project entitled “Entrepreneurship Education in the Arab States”. This four-year activity (2009-2012), which is funded by the StratREAL Foundation, aims to support Arab countries in the development of educational policies and programmes to include the concept of “entrepreneurship” in their formal education systems. Under Component I (2009-2010) of the project, four case studies on entrepreneurship education in Egypt, Jordan, Oman and Tunisia, as well as a regional synthesis report, were published in Arabic and English.

Component II of the project focused on encouraging Member States and relevant Ministries to be involved in the integration of Entrepreneurship Education (EPE) concepts in a wide range of educational and training programmes (i.e. general secondary education, TVET, and higher education). In the context of component II of the project ‘Entrepreneurship Education in the Arab States’ three different countries have initiated efforts to incorporate entrepreneurship education (EPE) in their respective education systems, namely Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco. In all three countries, there is a strong desire, both on the governmental level and in the private sector, to incorporate the EPE concept into the education system and to establish curricula for skills-oriented teaching. Under component II all three countries carried out a review of existing policies and frameworks, as well as a mapping of existing initiatives on EPE in the respective countries.

The pilot projects in Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco have illustrated the existing similarities between the different countries in terms of the objectives for entrepreneurship education and the opportunities for collaborations with stakeholders from the public and private sector, as well as the necessity to develop guidelines for teachers and other implementing stakeholders. The experiences that were gained through these pilot initiatives are of great value for the further development of national policies and frameworks. At the same time, the sharing of these experiences across the entire Arab region can be further facilitated to contribute to further insight into good practices in entrepreneurship education in the Arab context and the exploring of opportunities for collaboration between countries in the region. More detailed information about the activities that were implemented can be found in the synthesis report.

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